Year 8

The course we use caters for beginners in the language as well as those with some prior knowledge. Pupils are taught the key skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing  through carefully structured activities, which include language-learning games, video and ICT, as well as more traditional textbook based exercises.

Topics studied include:

  • themselves, their family and friends and their house and home life
  • their hobbies, interests and social activities
  • food and drink
  • healthy lifestyle. 

Pupils also study two cultural topics in Year 8 on traditional celebrations and comic books such as Astérix and Tin Tin.

Pupils are set according to ability and this will be reviewed at the end of each academic year, following regular assessments in the four skills. Biannually pupils are offered a week in France during the Trinity half-term break. This is a fun-filled activity holiday in Normandy with lots of opportunities to speak French and to try out new activities.

Year 9

Pupils continue to develop the four key language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in French, focusing on the topic areas of;

  • local area and environment
  • holidays and travel
  • education and tutre plans.

In Year 9 pupils study one cultural topic in film studies. This vocuses on the popular and award winning film, Les Choristes.

They will work to achieve a FCSE qualification (Foundation Certificate in Secondary Education). Pupils will gain a sound foundation of skills, vocabulary and grammar to enable them to embark with confidence onto GCSE French in Year 10.