Higher Education and Careers

The aim of Careers Education and Guidance is to offer all pupils the opportunity for self-development, career exploration and career management.

Careers Education at Hull Collegiate School is delivered through dedicated PSHCE sessions throughout Years 7 to 13 and a programme of activities aimed at helping pupils to make informed decisions at key times in their academic career.

Years 7 to 8

Pupils begin to discover their own individual strengths and weaknesses and plan strategies for future development. They learn to associate job activities and skills with job types and become more aware of the importance of developing their own employability skills for the future. Using dedicated careers software, Kudos-Online, they explore entry routes, salaries, job descriptions as well as numerous other facts about any number of careers that captivate their interest. One major benefit of this online facility is that it is available all hours and pupils are encouraged to explore their career options both in school and with their parents.

Year 9

Pupils discover the importance of making informed choices when choosing the subjects they intend to study to GCSE. Through two half day activities with volunteer business advisors they become more aware of how the choices they make and their level of achievement can shape their future life prospects. They explore a ‘dream lifestyle’ and associated costs as well as the importance of budgeting and careful financial management. They investigate possible careers, potential salaries and the harsh reality of salary deductions. In beginning the process of defining their own individual take on ‘success’ they begin to prioritise their future goals and become more aware of their own role in the process.

Years 10 to 11

Pupils begin the process of considering their options post-16. Using Kudos-Online, pupils research possible career options based on both psychometric analysis and their interests. Through two further half day activities they develop interview skills and continue to develop their financial capability; the costs of borrowing and planning for unforeseen events. In addition the school works closely with Connexions Humber to ensure effective provision of Careers Information, Education and Guidance and benefits by having a Careers Advisor in school on a weekly basis. Pupils in Year 10 are given the opportunity to undertake Work Experience and in Year 11 they are able to discuss their future plans with the Careers Advisor on an individual basis by appointment. Specific guidance/support is offered to pupils who are most likely to leave the school for employment or who are uncertain of their future direction.

Years 12 to 13

Pupils have access to Careerscape-Online as well as an extensive range of books, pamphlets and prospectuses for colleges and universities. Those wishing to apply for university places are guided through the UCAS Application process and are offered one-to-one support, particularly when completing the Personal Statement section of the application. Training is provided for those pupils who need to take additional tests for university entrance to Oxbridge, Medicine or Law. In addition all pupils are assigned a member of staff as a mentor who will monitor academic progress and concerns and offer advice on an informal basis as well as through regular meeting