Physical Education

We will focus on the individual and offer a wide range of activities including both traditional games and individual pursuits, making full use of the sporting facilities. The following sports will be covered during Key Stage 3:

  • Basketball
  • Health Related fitness (including cross-country)
  • Badminton
  • Gymnastics
  • Track and Field Athletics
  • Hockey (for girls)/Rugby (for boys)
  • Netball (for girls)/Football (for boys)
  • Rounders (for girls)/Cricket (for boys)
  • Tennis. 

The sport curriculum is all about:

  • individual and team achievement
  • enjoyment
  • participation
  • team spirit
  • excitement.

These objectives may be achieved during both lesson time and extra-curricular activities.  

Year 7  

All Physical Education lessons in Year 7 will be skill based, the emphasis placed upon mastering the basic skills and learning new techniques and activities. 
The aim is:  

  • to relate the knowledge learnt in health related fitness to   different sports
  • to introduce the pupils to basic individual and team skills,   with the emphasis on correct technique
  • to develop tactical awareness
  • to develop understanding of the basic rules of the game,   leading to modified games. 

Year 8

All Physical Education lessons in Year 8 will be skill based, the emphasis placed upon consolidating skills learnt in the previous year and learning more complex and correct techniques. 

Year 9 

Physical Education lessons will have a greater emphasis on strategies and tactics. Emphasis will be placed upon pupils taking the initiative and making decisions about what to do to improve performance. They will start to identify the types of activity they prefer to be involved in, and to take a variety of roles such as leader and official.  

Extra-Curricular Sport

The school has a strong ethos and tradition of extracurricular sport against local and regional schools on a friendly/league basis and nationally on a club basis. Any pupils selected to play for the school are expected to train and play in each fixture. As a department we also offer games related activities such as Aussie Rules, Handball, Table Tennis and Boxing.