Pupil Progress

The monitoring of a pupil's progress throughout their years in the Senior School is paramount to their academic development.

In Years 7, 8 and 9 we report on a pupil’s progress, attitude to learning and homework.

Pupils in Years 10-13 are given a target grade in each subject for the end of each academic year. Staff assess pupils continually and a predicted end of year grade is put into the school tracker approximately every 11 weeks. By measuring a pupil’s ongoing progress against their target grade, teachers can check that the work being produced is commensurate with the pupil’s ability.

When giving grades for effort, teachers take the following into consideration: attention and focus in class, contributions to class discussion/question sessions, effort to produce homework, meeting deadlines and preparation for class tests.

In Years 10 and 11, pupils will be given target grades in line with GCSE grades, based on predictions generated by YELLIS from a pupil’s raw ability score and the teacher’s professional judgement. YELLIS tests will be conducted at the beginning of Year 10.

In the Sixth Form, pupils will be given target grades in line with AS and A2 grades, based on predictions generated by ALIS from a pupil’s raw ability score and the teacher’s professional judgement. ALIS tests will be conducted at the beginning of Year 12. 

Hull Collegiate School prides itself on its care for each individual pupil and works without stint to bring out the 'best in everyone'. With this in mind, it has an academic mentoring process for all pupils in the Senior School. In Years 7 to 10 this takes the form of one meeting per term where pupils meet with their assigned academic mentor.  A mentor is usually known to the pupil - either their form tutor or someone attached to the year group. Sometimes it may be a member of the Senior Leadership Team as they take an active part in this process and believe it to be a vital part of school life.

In Years 11 to 13 there may be 6 or 7 meetings each year. At these meetings target grades are discussed and noted in planners and teacher assessments against these targets are reviewed.  Where problems seem to be occurring, strategies are put in place to help progress in individual subjects.


Regular monitoring of academic achievement and progress happens all of the time and issues are tackled and usually resolved as soon as they arise. The school is firmly of the belief that the mentoring programme not only supports the pupils but raises their attainment.