Mr S D Pearce BSc Portsmouth, PGCE, CBiol, M Inst Biol (Head of Department); Dr E R Kebbell BSc Warwick, PhD East Anglia, PGCE

Examination Body: AQA 

A Level Biology is challenging, exciting, interesting and relevant; it is a popular subject in the Sixth Form. Biology is the study of life. It encompasses the study of organisms, from the smallest viruses through to human beings. A Level Biology provides an understanding of a variety of biological processes, from the large scale magnificent ecological relationships in a habitat to the function and structure of biological molecules, such as DNA.

The A Level Biology course aims to build on your understanding of the subject achieved at GCSE and to equip you with the skills and understanding required not only to succeed at A Level, but also to follow a scientific or medical degree at university.

Entry Requirements
There are no specific requirements to start A Level study in Biology. Your teachers will be more interested in your potential, commitment and genuine interest in Biology. You must accept that consistent hard work is essential for success..