Communication with Parents

Communication is a two-way street. We endeavour to keep our parents informed about pupils’ progress both formally and informally and we are always happy to discuss your thoughts and concerns in several ways. Parents are encouraged to contact their form tutor in the first instance and this can be done either through letters, telephone calls or email. We always welcome parents into school and appointments with the Headteacher can be made for more in depth conversations. Formal communication with parents takes place via the following:

  • Parents' Evenings
  • Reports

Our weekly Senior School Newsletter is published each Friday and contains information about pupil successes, news, announcements, school activity and sporting fixtures. Our website is constantly updated and provides an intranet function for both parents and pupils to access detailed information relating to the school.

Parents' Evenings

Each year group has a Parents Evening once per year. Parents can make appointments to visit each Department Head to review their child’s progress as well as discussing any areas of concern with their child’s Form Tutor. The Parents Evenings take place during the following terms:  

Year 7:   Lent

Year 8:   Lent

Year 9:   Lent

Year 10: Lent

Year 11: Lent

Year 12: Michaelmas

Year 13: Michaelmas


Reports are sent out to parents twice per year. An interim report is issued at the end of the Lent Term which outlines the curriculum, effort to date and areas to improve. The main report is written at the end of the Trinity Term and provides a full over-view of the work, achievements and behaviour of each pupil.