Examination body: OCR

Computer Science is not just learning about computers, it is learning how to solve problems using computer systems. This course is for you if you enjoy the challenge of problem solving and developing working solutions. You should be comfortable with  mathematics, as there is a large element of Maths involved in the course.

Computer Science links to other areas of study including Mathematics and Languages and provides an excellent platform for  studying Computer Science or Games Development at university.

Entry Requirements

You will need to have achieved level 5 or above in at least five GCSE Subjects and it is preferable if you achieved a Maths grade of level 6 or above. It is beneficial, but not compulsory, to have studied Computer Science at GCSE.

Delivery and Assessment

The course consists of three units which are outlined below:
Component 01: Computer Systems – Written exam 40%
In this unit you will learn about computer components and their uses, types of software and the different methodologies used to develop software, how data is exchanged between different systems, how data is represented and stored within different structures, different algorithms that can be applied to data structures and the laws and ethical issues around the use of computers.
Component 02: Algorithms & Programming – Written Exam 40%
In this unit you will learn what is meant by computational thinking, how computers can be used to solve problems, how programs can be written to solve problems, the use of standard algorithms and their use in describing problems.
Component 03: Programming Project – Coursework Project 20%
In this unit you will learn how to produce a coded, computing solution to a real-world problem, including analysis of the problem, design of the solution, development of the solution and evaluation of the finished project.