Design & Technology

Examination Body: Edexcel

Product Design is all around us. Everything we come into contact with, from our smart phones and our plastic milk bottles to a Ferrari F1 car and a child’s scooter, has been considered and designed by someone. There is a huge industry made up of many different roles that go into creating all our products that we take for granted. Concept artists, materials analysts, designers, modelling specialists… the list goes on. This is what makes Product Design such a varied and interesting course and career.

During the course you will work with a variety of materials and solve practical problems which will challenge your creativity and innovation.

Entry Requirements

Along with the normal Sixth Form entry requirements, you will need a 4 or above in both GCSE Maths and English.

Delivery and Assessment

In Year 12 you will undertake a number of practical projects to build your skill level and understanding of the subject.The theory aspect will be spit over the two years and is supported with its own textbook. Year 13 you will take a written examination and produce coursework. Your final practical piece will be a single, integrated design project using any material or combination of materials, which will contain certain aspects of industrial and commercial design.