Drama and Theatre

Examination body: Edexcel

Drama and Theatre Studies offers pupils further opportunity to develop their theatre skills, whilst at the same time encouraging them to make the connections between different subjects and disciplines; developing their presentation, communication skills and teamwork. The requirement for independent study and research prepares them well for the rigours of University.

The A Level course has a clear and coherent structure with a practical focus. As well as offering engaging and inspiring set texts it offers pupils the freedom to choose performance texts that are best suited to their strengths, interests and performance skills. Pupils will develop skills that are transferable to the work place such as collaboration, communication and an understanding of how to amend and refine work. Pupils who have taken this A Level have gone on to pursue higher education in law, teaching, media, academia, linguistics, events management and a host of other subjects that require excellent communication, teamwork and problem solving skills as well as drama and theatre related work.

Entry Requirements

GCSE Drama is preferable but not essential

Delivery and Assessment

The A Level in Drama and Theatre is assessed through a combination of a 40% written exam and 60% Non-Examined Assessment (NEA). The 60% practical aspect of the course includes a devised and a scripted performance and work on either a monologue or duologue.