House System

The House system forms a vertical structure of pupils from Year 7 to Year 13 which complements the formal pastoral structure provided by Heads of Year. The House system provides a sense of belonging and promotes achievement in and out of school.

The four houses are named after people connected to Hull who have made a significant impact on the world: John Venn, the mathematician, invented the Venn diagram; Winifred Holtby, peer to Vera Britten, was a talented author, Andrew Marvell is one of the most-studied metaphysical poets and Amy Johnson was a pioneer of modern aviation.

The house identity is highlighted by the fortnightly House assemblies where we strive to develop communication and teamwork skills. During these meetings, discussions and arrangements are made for charity fundraising events and inter house competitions such as the Christmas pantomime, general knowledge quiz and sports day. In addition, sporting competitions run throughout the year which provides an opportunity for pupils of varying abilities to participate in a variety of sports.

Each House has its own colour which is distinguishable on the senior school tie:

  • Holtby: Green
  • Marvell: Yellow
  • Johnson: Blue
  • Venn: Red