A Level Latin is a study of language and literature in roughly equal measure. The study of As or Advanced level involves similar areas of work but, of course, a greater volume of work is required at Advanced level.

Examination body: OCR

A Level Latin is a study of language and literature. The qualification is a natural progression from GCSE Latin. If you have enjoyed GCSE, you will certainly enjoy A Level. The work for A Level involves much time spent on reading and studying literature. You will become familiar with the prose and verse of authors such as Cicero, Tacitus, Livy and Virgil from the first century BC and the first century AD and begin to appreciate them within their literary, social and historical contexts.

Through the exploration of these ancient texts, you will build your knowledge of vocabulary and develop an understanding of  linguistic structure including syntax (how words are put together to create phrases, clauses and sentences) and accidence (how the forms of words change for a particular use).

You will critically analyse and evaluate the texts and learn how to translate from Latin to English, practising such translation  requently by using unseen Latin passages.

Entry Requirements

Latin at this level demands a high degree of linguistic ability; you must have studied GCSE Latin and should preferably have gained a 7 in that examination before beginning this course.

Delivery and assessment

The AS Level consists of two teaching modules with two written examination papers at the end of Year 12. The A Level consists of four written examinations at the end of Year 13.