Modern Foreign Languages for Advanced Performance Pupils 

Our highly experienced team of linguists demand very high standards in their lessons. More able pupils are challenged to write using more sophisticated vocabulary, a greater variety of structures and a range of tenses. Pupils are expected to make links both within and between languages, infer meaning and cope with spontaneous or unpredictable situations using the target language.

At all times we follow the principle that our most able should not simply be given ‘more’ tasks, but rather ‘different’ more hypothetical or abstract tasks which give scope for a greater degree of originality and creativity, sometimes including humour. Reading in the language is encouraged and included in schemes of work, and sections of literary text are analysed for comprehension and structural purposes. Literature and film in full format become features of study in key stage 5 and are studied in the original language.

Pupils studying a language at A level are also given one-to-one time with a native speaker whenever possible and encouraged to consider work experience placements abroad. ‘Language café’ meetings, in which our pupils and undergraduate language students from the University of Hull engage in small group conversation sessions in the target language, and an annual ‘Year 10 Languages Day’ which involves a number of local and national organisations and speakers, contribute to the enrichment experience of our pupils.