There is plenty of support available in the Sixth Form to help pupils settle in and cope with any problems.  The Head of Sixth Form is responsible for the welfare and progress of the Sixth Form pupils.   

Forms are small and Form Tutors act as mentors and Personal Mentors to ensure the Sixth Form experience is productive and well-rounded. The Form Tutor’s role will include monitoring progress and attendance, guiding pupils through the complexities of Higher Education applications, compiling references for Higher Education and employment and being someone to turn to when pupils need support.

Our Learning Support department has a range of programmes designed to meet individual needs. The School also has a full-time nurse who is available to deal with health problems that arise during the school day, as well as offering support and advice on longer-term health issues.

Taster Days are held each March for prospective pupils to sample a slice of day-to-day life in the Sixth Form. A team building experience in the Lake District is offered each September to the entire Sixth Form before the start of term.


Each year Prefects are selected through a ballot system.  Around 15 - 20 prefects will be required: of these two will go on to fulfil the roles of Head Prefect and Deputy Head Prefect, following an interview with the Headteacher and Head of Sixth Form.  The Prefects' responsibilities include break, assembly and lunch duties, representing the school, conducting tours for new staff and pupils and being role models to the rest of the pupil body.