Physical Education for Advanced Performance Pupils 

Pupils are put into two ability groups with more able pupils being stretched with differentiated tasks, and inflicted conditions during game situations. The most promising pupils are encouraged to play at a higher level, i.e. in an older age group. We enter a wide range of local, regional and national tournaments to stretch pupils of all abilities. We recommend our most talented pupils for trials and we encourage pupils to join local clubs where we have good links. We also have a club directory to enable pupils to find out about clubs and sporting opportunities in East Yorkshire and North East Lincs.

We have extensive links with community sports programmes, which allow our most talented pupils to reach for the stars.  Younger pupils are also invited to train and play with older teams if they have the ability i.e. year 10 in first team cricket – year 8 girl in first team hockey etc. We have identified a list of high ability pupils for each activity at school, and we regularly monitor their progress over the academic year. An extensive array of trips and visits are organised to challenge pupils and increase their knowledge. 

GCSE groups are moderated altogether in each activity, as far as possible, so that the most talented pupils from Years 10 and 11 can work together. Different tasks are set based on ability, with A-level questions available for the more able. Coursework allows for natural differentiation. AS and A2 PE is heavily coursework based and this leads to natural differentiation. Power point presentations are provided for all pupils with higher-level extension tasks added. BTEC assignments are issued after pupils are taught the necessary detail, although pupils are predominately expected to work in a vocational framework and independently. Pupils regularly are set, and set themselves, targets based on their coursework, practical and theoretical aspects.