Prep School Trips and Visits

Trips and Visits are the things we all remember from our own school days. They are an opportunity to venture out from the ‘safety of the classroom’ and enjoy the world beyond the school gate. At Hull Collegiate Prep School we strongly believe that, in an age when many schools are reducing the number of trips out, these visits enrich the education the children enjoy and are fundamental to what the Prep has to offer. We are determined to continue these opportunities away from the classroom that not only enhance the children’s’ learning but also their understanding of themselves and the world in which they live.

During the children’s time at Hull Collegiate Prep, the children will get fantastic opportunities to involve themselves in diverse cultural and educational activities outside of the school, and also by welcoming expert visitors into the school.

Once the children reach Y3, residential trips take place that help to encourage the children’s independence.  This  opportunity to be away from home with their friends and develop some independence while still learning in a fun and exciting way contributes significantly to the children’s growth and personal development, as well as being great fun – the source of countless stories and memories once back at school.

"I enjoy trips out of school because you go to places that my parents wouldn’t normally take us to."

"It’s great to spend time with your friends out of the classroom."

"We learn lots of interesting stuff such as in Venus a day is longer than one of our years."

"I was proud of myself because I got to the top of the climbing wall at Robinwood.  I never thought I would."

"I whittled a spoon at Forest School in Year 4 and I still have it!"

"I spoke to an engineer at WiME who makes robots.  That’s what I want to do."

"Malham was so fantastic, I persuaded my mum and dad to go again.  We’ve now been 3 times!"