Pupils will continue to build on the skills and experience acquired in Y7. There are four broad areas of study under the following headings:

Understanding Yourself

In Y8, pupils will research jobs and careers through a software package called “Kudos”.  Pupils will also look at the personal attributes required for different careers. In Y9, “Learn to Earn” will provide two engaging and thought provoking sessions that challenge pupils to make the connection between education, training and employment. They will work in small groups and individually.

Health and Sex Education

In Y8, Cornerhouse group from Hull will deliver sessions that are both informative and fun.  Pupils will be encouraged to ask questions and talk about their thoughts and beliefs with regard to gender, self-esteem and delay.

In Y9, ‘Adolescence’ will be studied to enable pupils to become aware of their own identity and develop their values and  beliefs. Sex related 
issues are studied and pupils also have the opportunity to learn some “Emergency First Aid”.

Developing Relationships

In Y8, pupils focus on relationships, particularly looking at socialising with the opposite sex and friendship groups. In Y9, pupils examine what causes conflict between teenagers and parents, and they investigate the rights and responsibilities that young adults have.

Developing as a Citizen

As Middle School groups Y8 and Y9 pupils consider human rights, focussing on the issues surrounding homophobic bullying and child poverty in the UK. Through a game, pupils look at the plight of refugees  and are confronted with a series of human rights dilemmas that they have to try to resolve by consensus.