Welcome to the Foundation Stage, the stage which encompasses our Nursery and Reception. We provide plenty of opportunities for children to have rich, stimulating experiences in our carefully planned and well organised environments.  Children enter Reception classes in the September following their fourth birthday and they enjoy a wider variety of themed days, school trips and activities, as well as a lively curriculum which really does put in the best foundation for future learning.

All our Foundation Stage pupils benefit from the Prep School facilities and learn so much by the example of the older pupils. As well as moving to the refectory for lunch, Foundation Stage pupils also use the Senior School gym for their weekly gym class, thus providing a wide variety of stimulating environments during the day.

There is also great inter-action between the year groups. The whole of the Foundation Stage joins together for lunch each day and every Friday parents and relatives of the Explorers, Adventurers and Reception classes are invited to join the whole Foundation Stage department in a weekly Celebration Assembly.

A wonderful, safe and secure playground packed full of outdoor toys and equipment means that the Foundation Stage children are motivated, stimulated and given the chance to explore every minute of the day. Early Years Funding can be used until the term your child turns five.