Science for Advanced Performance Pupils 

From the moment a pupil enters a laboratory he or she is challenged to think and reason independently. During lessons, our most able pupils from Year 7 onwards are provided with alternative exercises to help deepen their understanding of key scientific concepts. Through questioning and engagement in more challenging practical work, pupils are encouraged to think critically, manipulate data using a range of mathematical and graphical techniques, back up arguments with evidence and define problems in investigative and practical work whilst appreciating the need to be cautious about conclusions based on experimental data. During the course of an academic year pupils at different stages of their science journey will have the opportunity to attend lectures from visiting academics from Hull University, take part in nationally recognised science competitions such as the Faraday Challenge, RSC Top of the Bench, Biology, Chemistry and Physics Olympiads.

Beyond the laboratory, our pupils have the several opportunities to expand their experience of The Sciences through various clubs and activities. Science Club enables pupils to explore interesting phenomena in a relaxed and ‘fun’ way; whilst STEM club concentrates of the applied nature of Sciences, for example building a bridge out of nothing more than uncooked spaghetti to support a 1kg bag of sugar, or by using the Dyson engineering challenge. CASA (Collegiate Aeronautics and Space Administration) provides an opportunity for pupils to use IT and programming to design and produce data gathering satellites for launch by our own fleet of rockets.