Examination body: AQA

Have you ever wondered how we developed into the society we are today? How the way you see yourself determines the way people identify you? Whether men or women are more likely to commit a crime? How society is structured and how it has changed?

The A Level Sociology course will help you to make sense of the society we live in and understand the cultural and identity issues which affect us all. You will learn a wide range of skills, including the use of evidence to support your arguments, how to investigate facts, critical thinking, and using research methods which are supported by sociological theory.

Entry Requirements

The main prerequisites for the study of A Level Sociology are the usual Sixth Form entry requirements, an interest in today’s society in its widest context, and a willingness to analyse material and write extended answers.

Delivery and assessment

The course will be linear and studied over two years. There will be three final examinations, each two hours in length and weighted at a third of the final total. Pupils will study:

Paper 1 – Education with Theory and Methods

Paper 2 – Topics in Sociology – Families and Households and The Media or Stratification and Differentiation

Paper 3 – Crime and Deviance