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It is understandable that people may be feeling anxious about coronavirus. Dr Lucy Russell, Clinical Director at Everlief, has produced a useful guide on how to manage the anxiety and worry being caused by Coronavirus: https://theyarethefuture.co.uk/worry-anxiety-coronavirus/

This conveys a set of ideas of the things we can control, and actually that’s how we will take our families, our schools and communities forwards.

The Day 

The Day (Senior) and The Day Explorer (Prep) articles are updated every weekday, keeping students aware of what is happening in the world in a balanced and informative way. We aim to inform, not panic, our young readers.

The Day Online (Senior School)

The Explorer (Prep School) 

Animation & Story Book Explaining the Coronavirus to Children (INEQUE)

To support different forms of learning, ENIQUE have prepared a short animation, a story book, and an activity that supports you to tackle misinformation and help children understand the Coronavirus.

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How to have difficult conversations with children (NSPCC)

It can be hard to talk about difficult topics like Coronavirus with children and young people. The NSPCC have provided guidance to help you prepare for these conversations.

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Talking to your child about coronavirus – ten tips for parents (Young Minds) 

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Keeping Children Safe Online 

  • For guidance and support for keeping children safe online refer to to the Thinkuknow website, they have produced downloadable worksheets you can acces here.
  • Parent Info  Parent Info is a newsfeed service offering free support and advice from leading experts on digital family life. Expert advice to help families through isolation and quarantine will be delivered regularly through Parent Info in the coming weeks and months.
  • Online radicalisation - a parents guide 

NSPCC- Supporting children and young people’s mental health

With disruption in everyone’s lives due to coronavirus (COVID-19) it’s important that we all pay attention to our mental health and wellbeing and the mental health of children and young people.

Research suggests that the pandemic is going to affect everyone’s mental wellbeing, particularly vulnerable groups such as children (Holmes et al, 20201).

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Feeling a bit inside out or upside down? Have a listen to these wellbeing podcasts by Sophie Grégoire Trudeau. 

Lots of interesting topics from dealing with anxiety to building resilience. Just click on the link here.