Current Parents of our Prep School

"My daughter really enjoyed going to the nursery especially the outdoor space which is just amazing - so much to do for little adventurers! The staff are so friendly, caring and understanding with the children too.. highly recommend as a great place to start a child’s education." Parent, Nursery

"I am continually impressed at the care, respect and warmth shown to the children. I feel totally assured that each teachers knows my child's personality and aims to bring the best out of them."Parent, Prep School

"The school facility is amazing! My son looks forward to going back to school every day, he is very lucky to be surrounded by so many lovely teachers and carers.  I can only keep my mind on work as long as I know he is happy and secured in HCS. " Parent, Nursery

"It has been a pleasure to see my daughter's obvious delight in the numerous and varied enrichment activities that support and supplement her learning. I have seen a consistent commitment from HCS to packing fun, variety and challenge into school life,  from the simplest things like playing in the snow and campfire cooking to the more elaborate events and trips." Parent, Prep School 

"Choosing to send our daughters to Hull Collegiate from the very start of their primary education was the best decision we ever made. Having experienced the nursery, Reception and Key Stage 1, we couldn’t be happier with the environment in which they are learning and look forward to them progressing right through the senior school."Parent, Prep School 

"It is clear to see that our children are developing into confident, lively and enquisitive young people more and more each day. This is not only as a result of the highest standards of teaching, but is also thanks to the personalised approach to the children’s pastoral care. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Hull Collegiate feels like a second home or extended family to our children and that they thrive as a result of the positive relationships they share with teachers and other pupils." Parent, Prep School

"Hull Collegiate School is a warm and welcoming school which brings out the best in the children, providing a balance of academic learning, music and sport. The inclusive culture breeds confidence, which in turn ensures excellent communication and social skills. We are proud of the school, and we feel it is the best school in the area." Parent, Prep School

"My daughter loves going to school. She has even been known to complain that she wants to go to school at the weekend or on holidays as she misses it! Mr Dyson and Mrs Maltby clearly care deeply about all of the children under their care. They put a huge amount of creative time and effort into making the children's time in reception as enjoyable (and productive!) as possible. Forest school is a particular highlight as are the many exciting school trips." Parent, Prep School

"Hull Collegiate is truly a wonderful setting.  The staff are such creative,  caring individuals who provide a rich range of experiences  which develop and nurture each child’s unique qualities." Parent , Prep School

"I have been truly inspired watching my daughter grow, her love for learning is wonderful. The school goes above and beyond to teach the children, making learning exciting. When I tell friends and family about activities such as 'crime scene' activities they are so impressed. Sending her to collegiate was the best decision we ever made. Had it not been for the nursery being all year round I may not have made the decision. People can't actually believe she can read!" Parent, Prep School

"I am continually impressed at the care, respect and warmth shown to the children. I feel totally assured that each teachers knows my child's personality and aims to bring the best out of them." Parent, Prep School