Work Experience

Pupils in Year 10 are given the opportunity to experience the world of work through participation in the school's Work Experience Programme. The pupils are encouraged to source their own placements which are then checked for risk and suitability by Connexions Humber.

Although pupil's tend to choose work placements according to their interests, the type of placement does not need to be specific to any career path. As expected at this age, the majority of pupils have no predetermined career plans in mind, but this is not a problem as the main focus of the week is gaining first-hand experience of the working environment.

Work Experience provides a safe environment for pupils to explore their own strengths, develop an awareness of essential employability skills and appreciate the expectations of fellow colleagues. They learn how organisations function, the role of social interaction in the workplace and the importance of team work. More importantly, the pupils develop the self-confidence that is required to be successful in the adult world and they are given an employer reference that summarises their work.

The references received from employers this summer indicate that, once again, our Year 10 pupils are highly regarded in the workplace.

The school would like to thank all employers, past and present, who have offered our pupils work experience placements.